Dismissals and Not Guilty Verdicts

United States v. Jerry Gomina: Dimitri was part of a criminal defense team who won a complete “Not Guilty” verdict in a federal criminal trial accusing Mr. Gomina of gun smuggling. At trial, Dimitri and the defense team were able to show that the federal ATF agent and the informant had given false testimony. A federal not guilty verdict is a rare occurrence (less than 1% of federal criminal cases end up with not guilty verdicts), and Dimitri is one of the few attorneys who have obtained one.

United States v. Washington: Dimitri obtained a dismissal of this federal drug conspiracy case, where the defendant was a possible career offender who faced up to life in prison.

United States v. Weatherford: The Government indicted Defendant on a drug conspiracy that carried a minimum of 5 years and a maximum 40-year term of imprisonment. At the preliminary hearing, Dimitri convinced the Judge that the Government had not shown that the Defendant actively participated in the drug conspiracy and was not merely present at the scene of a drug transaction. In a rare move, the Court dismissed the complaint against the Defendant.

United States v. Henderson: Defendant was charged with social security fraud, and originally faced up to 5 years imprisonment. The case was dismissed after the client successfully completed the pretrial diversion that Dimitri successfully negotiated.

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